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Ultimate control over Mobile Browser with Firefox

It is no secret that I love firefox. Even though sometimes, it can run a bit slower than Chrome, Firefox has always provided me with better developer tools and better control over all of my settings, even those which are usually unavailable via about:config.

However, it was only recently that I discovered, that about:config works flawlessly on the mobile version of the firefox browser too. That means, all of the features you'd think that mobile browsers miss, like proxy settings, cache, pipelining settings, etc. can be found just by typing about:config on the URL.

Before you go off try, and fail - note that you need to understand how some of those settings play together. For example, to set proxy settings, the URLs and the ports themselves aren't enough. The network.proxy.type needs to be set to 2 (which is the equivalent of the menu option "Manual proxy configuration")