Reference Sheets and Useful Links

This post was long due. I often find blog posts, reference sheets and useful links that I feel I should bookmark. However, I often lose these bookmarks when I shift Operating Systems or browsers (which happens very often). I am hoping that this will be a better and a more reliable way to keep track of all these resources.

  1. Python Future: This is a brilliant cheat sheat to write cross compatible code for both PYTHON-2 and PYTHON-3
  2. What Color is Your Function?: An absolutely amazing article about the design choices of a modern language. I won't spoil the surprise by revealing which language and what choices.
  3. Art of Unix Programming: If you aren't into reading plain text articles, atleast go through the Appendix D. You'll find some hilarious Unix bedtime stories :)
  4. Sorted vs Unsorted Array: One of the most upvoted questions on stackoverflow. This may be obvious to me now, but I wish I knew this before I took the Architecture course in IITK. Must Read.
  5. Undo Last Git Commit: Another one stolen from StackOverflow highest voted category.